Program description: barbecue, olive oil and wine tasting in a farm near Casole d’Elsa

Would you like to be a dinner guest of a friendly tuscan farmer at his farm? Do you wonder the breathtaking panorama, the view of  harmony radiating the tuscan landscape, what kind of art inspires in a simple sincere man?  What kind of a tree is an olive tree? And the lemon?

Barbecue, olive oil and wine tasting in a tuscan farm

This program takes place in a farm near Casole d'Elsa. Before the barbecue, it worth while to go for a walk in the little ancient city of  Casole d'Elsa.

The site: the tuscan farm near Casole d'Elsa

From the little town of Casole d'Elsa you can admire the magnificent view of the tuscan hills, the undulating green yellow landscape with cypresses, olive trees, fields and groves. The marvelous winding streets in terracotta color of Casole d'Elsa are varied and made alive by the colorful flowers and the colors of the drying clothes, they signal us that Casole d'Elsa  not only has a past but it is a tuscan reality, actually in use.

If we take a look from the belvedere in front of the upper level of the elevator taking to the city of Casole d'Elsa, we can also see the place of our host, Salvatore.

Agriculture in Tuscany

Salvatore is a honoured citizen of Casole d'Elsa. He was born in Sicily but his family migrated from Sicily to this picturesque tuscan farm next to Casole d'Elsa when Salvatore was a few weeks old. They were farmers, worked on the fields, raised animals, and as usual in Tuscany, they produced wine and olive oil. Salvatore talks with enthusiasm of producing olive oil, one of the characteristics of Tuscany.

The view of harmony radiating the tuscan landscape from Salvatore's farm

Our host, Salvatore, the tuscan artist, worked in his whole  life as a mason, and since he retired he has lived only for farming and for the art: from the trunk, limb or roots of the olive trees he trims ornamental pieces or articles for personal use.

Salvatore's carvings are sold in his farm near Casole d'Elsa and also in the flea markets of Tuscany.

Salvatore – as an important citizen of Casole d'Elsa – has always been a well-loved and accepted person, but since he is an artist he has been receiving a lot of compliments from both the citizens of Casole d'Elsa and  from the tourists.

Tuscany and the limoncello

The climate of Tuscany is not exactly congenial for the citrus, but Salvatore with a special care and attention is raising a few lemon and tangerine trees. He wheels the citrus in a protected place against the cold and wind, he takes them out to the sun when the weather is nice.  Having sicilian origins for him means among other things cultivating citrus. That is how the lemon is produced in Tuscany, and Salvatore's home made lemon liqueur, the tuscan limoncello is prepared.


The beautiful tuscan farm

Arrive to Salvatore's farm near Casole d'Elsa around 6-7 pm. Admire the breathtaking panorama from the farm, there is a fantastic view to Casole d'Elsa, too.


In Tuscany children are welcome

It is interesting and funny  for children to look at Salvatore’s animals.  The open environment, the kindness of the hosts is deliberating for the children, a lot of new experiences and impressions make it an unforgettable special evening also for the youngest members of the family.

BBQ, olive oil and wine tasting: a real dinner in Tuscany

Salvatore's wife is a real tuscan housewife and she is a very good cook.

The dinner in a special atmosphere is introduced by the bruschetta toasted on the char coal cinder, that is to say tuscan bread served with different overlays or simply with homemade olive oil, onion and salt. The first dish is a tuscan speciality: spelt with vegetables. After that, Salvatore serves the roasted steaks with tuscan bread, with salad from his garden flavoured by his homemade olive oil, grilled vegetables and potatoes, than it is the time for the dessert: home made cake and ice cream. The dinner is  accompanied by tuscan wine, not least by Salvatore's straw wine, the Vinsanto.  In Tuscany it is traditional to serve the Vinsanto wine with Cantuccini almond biscuits that may be dunked into the wine.

The dinner is available by appointment and costs €25 per person (food, water, wines, dessert).